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    We Buy Houses Naples offers the easiest, most efficient, and hassle-free way of selling your house in Naples, FL

    Many life situations can transform home ownership into a burden. We Buy Houses Fast and Fair Naples delivers the simplest way of selling your home and when you need money for a property as soon as possible.

    For over 10 years, our company has satisfied the financial goals of homeowners who need to sell their house quickly and without hassle.

    Hundreds of homeowners have sold their home to us, and we have streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible for you.

    We Buy Houses Naples can achieve a hassle-free cash sale for you

    • No commissions to real estate agents
    • No repairs
    • No cleaning
    • No long waits - You get cash in a matter of days!

    As real estate investors, we have the cash to buy your house. We Buy Houses Naples can take a house in any condition off of your hands.  You won't have to wait for anyone to get approved for a loan before you can:

    • Move away for a new job
    • Prevent foreclosure
    • Settle a divorce
    • Cash out an inherited property
    • Avoid expensive repairs

    We've built a reputation in Florida for making the fastest fair offers for as-is houses. We're truly in the business of making your real estate challenges go away quickly. When your situation is urgent, We Buy Houses Naples can close the sale in as little as 7 days.

    We Buy Houses Fast and Fair Naples Process Overview

    You deserve to know all of your options when you need to sell a house in Naples. We Buy Houses Naples will make a cash offer on your property within 1 day. Asking us for an offer does not place you under any obligation to accept.



    Call or contact us online and provide a few details about your home.



    We evaluate your home in person and make an immediate and fair cash offer.



    You choose a closing date and get your money.

    Time is money, and getting paid quickly produces great value in many situations. We can free you from responsibility for a property that you no longer want or can't afford to fix. Contact us right now to get a cash offer on your house in Naples, FL.  We buy houses in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, and throughout the state.  Our local representative will walk you through the process every step of the way.

    Much Faster Than Realtors

    The conventional route to selling a home involves listing it through a real estate agent or Realtor. Many people choose professional representation because it could produce the highest sale price, but agents cost money.

    Full service agents want 6% to 7% of the final sale. Although you might negotiate this amount down closer to 5%, it's still going to cost you thousands of dollars.

    And agents are going to want you to pay for cleaning and repairs. For a house with some problems, repairs could run thousands of dollars.

    That's just to get it ready for market. Once it's listed, there's no telling how long it might take before an agent connects you with a qualified buyer. According to Realtor.com, homes in Naples averaged 102 days on market from Jan. 2018 to Jan. 2019.

    Not only will you have to wait through inspections, you'll have to hope that a lender approves the mortgage. Even under ideal circumstances, weeks could pass before you see money or find out that the buyer didn't qualify.

    Skip the Expenses and Long Waits

    We Buy Houses Naples smooths away all of this friction. If you need a house sold fast, then we're often able to finish the deal within a week. If you want more time to pack up or you're waiting for your next home to be ready, then we'll gladly accommodate your timeline.

    Before you speak to a Realtor, request a cash offer from We Buy House Naples. We compare very favorably to pricey middlemen and weeks or months of uncertainty.

    Better Than For Sale By Owner

    Realtors charge a premium for their services, which makes you think of selling the house on your own. This might be a good approach if time was not an issue because FSBO presents an imperfect alternative to a real estate agent.

    FSBO challenges:

    • Effective marketing - How will you reach potential buyers?
    • Showing the home - Do you have time to meet with buyers?
    • Financing the home - Will the buyer's loan get approved?

    FSBO usually takes as much time as enlisting an agent if not longer. The longer it takes you to find a suitable buyer, the longer you're stuck paying bills for the house. You should probably pay a lawyer to write the purchase contract as well.

    Once again, talking to us first could make it possible to dodge long delays and extra expenses. We Buy Houses Naples is waiting to make you a cash offer right away. Contact us.

    We Solve Many Problems


    Job loss, medical crisis, or other financial hardships might mean you can't pay the mortgage anymore. Instead of wringing your hands until you're put on the curb, cash out with us instead.

    We Buy Houses Naples could make it possible to resolve a mortgage. You might even have a little cash left over from the sale, depending on what you owe, to start fresh.

    Don't let a foreclosure ruin your credit rating when we can take control of the situation. Talk to us today.

    Need to Move Quickly

    When that job offer that you've been waiting for comes through, don't let your house in Naples tie you down. A quick cash sale with We Buy Houses Naples might be the smartest choice.

    Even if you could expect to get a good price listing with a Realtor, the sale might take months to close. Meanwhile, you're paying for housing in your new location while paying a mortgage in Naples.

    We Buy Houses Naples has the financial resources to purchase your home quickly. Regardless of the circumstances prompting your move, we can relieve you of a burdensome property. Call or contact us online today.


    Inconvenient Inherited Property

    Maybe you live on the other side of the country and inheriting grandma's house is just a headache for you.

    Perhaps you don't have the resources to update an older home, especially a damaged one in need of repairs.

    You might simply like the idea of cashing out an estate or probate house without any hassles or long waits.

    If you're attracted to convenience and speed, then we can help even if the house needs repairs.

    Costly Repairs

    We Buy Houses Naples can set you free from a damaged or out-of-date property that you can't afford to fix. Real estate agents typically want you to invest in repairs before listing a home. Lenders might turn up their noses at houses that need rehabilitation.

    You can pass off issues, like bringing a property up to code, to us. We're willing to pay a fair price that takes the house's condition into account. You get money in your hand without having to pay for an unwanted remodeling project.

    Dealing with us is also appropriate if you simply don't want the stress of rehabbing a house. Hiring contractors, selecting materials, and passing code inspections require time, attention to detail, and money. You can cash out instead and leave those jobs to investors like us.


    Bad Tenants

    After being in the real estate investment business for over a decade, we've seen it all. We'll deal with tough problems like bad tenants. If you're ready to get out of the rental business or you inherited a rental, then contact us. You could sell that troublesome rental in a matter of days.


    Settle a Divorce

    Divorces take long enough as it is. You hardly want one or more properties lingering on the market and drawing out the process.

    Fill out the contact form and find out what We Buy Houses Naples will pay for your house. You could cash out, split the proceeds, and move on faster than you thought.


    Resolve Property Liens

    We Buy Houses Fast and Fair Naples is perfectly willing to work with you even if a house has a lien. We'll factor in the cost of your liens when making a cash offer. Selling to us will release you from the lien because we'll take care of everything.

    Explore the Benefits

    We want every deal to be a win-win transaction. We're professional investors who can take on the problems that you don't want on your plate anymore.

    Whatever your situation, no matter what the house looks like, we want to hear from you. It's our business to find creative solutions for people who need money instead of a piece of real estate.

    We Buy Houses Naples can:

    • Offer you cash today
    • Close a sale on your house in as little as 3 days
    • Pay for all normal closing costs

    Code violations, liens, storm damage, or disrepair don't worry us. We're willing to pay a fair price that takes rehabilitation into account. The figure we offer is below market, but you gain significant benefits too.

    Selling to us means that you're not bogged down with paying for repairs or hoping that a lender will finance your home. We simply buy your house outright and go about tackling its repairs and other issues to get it ready to sell again.

    When you need money right away, the property investment partners at We Buy Houses Naples can make it happen. We're prepared to pay cash today. We'll make the highest offer possible based on the condition of your property.

    Whether your house is in bad shape, beautiful, or something in between, you could turn it into cash with a single phone call. Call We Buy Houses Naples at 239-243-0054 or fill out the online form today.

    Get a cash offer on your house

    We work with sellers in any situation.  Get your house sold as soon as yesterday.

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